English is one of the most important subjects that your child studies; not only because it is a core subject which colleges and employers require, but because a secure knowledge of English helps your child to express ideas and do well in any subject which requires written answers. The new curriculum means that this knowledge is more important than ever.

Changes to English GCSE will mean:

  • A renewed emphasis on spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  • Controlled assessments will disappear meaning that the exam will count for 100% of marks. Exam technique will be key.
  • Grades have been replaced by numbers 1-9 (with 9 being the highest)

Children who are currently in year 9 will be the first to sit these new exams.

Our tutors can help your child to feel more confident and well prepared. They have experience of preparing children for exams and are able to help them with exam technique and writing skills.

We would encourage parents to contact us when their children are in year 9 or year 10 to avoid the last minute rush towards the end of year 11, when many tutors become fully booked. Also, young people find it hard to take in a large amount of information in a couple of weeks. A gradual preparation is much more effective, allowing children to grasp new concepts and feel secure in their knowledge.