Many of the requests we get at Hampshire Tutors are for maths and science tuition. This is not surprising because these are core curriculum subjects.

Maths (along with English) one of the most important subjects our children will study at school. Gaining at least a C in GCSE maths is very important in today’s competitive climate. Even students who favour the arts or languages will find that they will be required to gain at least a top 3 level in GCSE maths at college alongside their other courses, if they have not already done so.

Young Girl Writing In Notebook


Maths knowledge, however, is not only important for exams, but also for everyday life. A good understanding of maths is essential for making sense of all the numbers and problems life throws at us.
Young people can sometimes fall behind with maths, and it can seem an insurmountable task to get back on track.

Often children may have missed out on one or two of the building blocks which means that they can lose confidence in their ability. One-to-one tuition can help to restore that confidence.
Our tutors help to break down the subject and to go over any areas which may be causing difficulty.

As well as those who find a subject difficult our tutors also deal with gifted children who find that their school lessons do not always challenge them. Tutors can again tailor sessions to work at the child’s individual pace and provide children with work to meet their individual requirements, allowing them to progress with their learning.

We have some excellent maths and science tutors working with us, with years of teaching and tutoring experience, whether it is for Primary, GCSE or A level. Tutors help the subject to “click” and can help students to understand concepts which they may find difficult.